MTK ADB, ADB without a PC

I started working on a project last month that allows you to use ADB directly on your device. Figured this was useful because all the weird Chinese apps that give you root never do it cleanly and I like my device not being messed by anyone other than me. It’s no longer just an su binary and SuperUser APK. They replace system binaries now and multiple “temp” files including logs and helper binaries and libraries that they don’t clean up after the root process. Even the UnRoot process you’d think would take care of these files doesn’t. Just removes the su binary. Same goes for One Click Unroot apps. I’m particularly annoyed about this because I got a new device running Android One that I recently rooted and now I can’t install any updates because my system files have been messed with and an update would brick the phone. The app pretty much gives you ADB access directly on your device at just a click. And no changes to your device. It only works for MediaTek devices running Android 4.x and can give you Shell or Root access through ADB on your device. It’s worth mentioning that some devices allow ADB to run as Root and some only as Shell but it all depends on the manufacturer of your device. I have five devices and two of them allow Root access. The rest get default ADB (Shell access).

You can get it on XDA

Here’s the video

MTK ADB, ADB without a PC

2 thoughts on “MTK ADB, ADB without a PC

  1. Your worst nightware says:

    who even does that? u dont even know the use of adb. what u did was useless. Its just like terminal emulator with ‘su’ command. Just delete this piece of shit lol


    1. Not exactly. I explained that in the XDA article. If you use a root app, for example Kingroot, to root, you’ll get your device clogged with all sorts of files to enable the initial exploit. Logs, binaries, etc. Also it modifies your system binaries. In essence, your phone’s /system has been irreversibly changed. And you couldn’t undo that if you wanted to. Updates would brick your phone because of this as initial phone state was changed. This app gives you a “clean” root as no files are added/changed and an unroot is as easy as an uninstall or reboot. Another practical use is you can easily get root on a friend’s phone without permanently changing his device or scaring him with technical terms if you might need to get root on his device for something trivial.


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